Thursday, August 13, 2009

Directions From Marathahalli to Yeswanthpur

This question has been asked of me more than once :)

 Marathahalli ->

Take Old Airport road ->

Take right at  HAL junction .

Continue Straight till you reach old madras road ->
Left at Old Madras Road -> 

Go straight till and around Ulsoor lake till you pass the MEG military quarters on the left , then continue until you see a biggish circle (actual traffic island circle ).

Take right here.It's - this will take you to Cantt Railway station - About 100 m _before_ cantt railway station you will see a masjid after an underpass on the LHS.

Take right here to Nandidurg Road which merges with Jayamahal Road in Front of Fun World/Palace grounds(about 2-3 km).

Continue straight past DD Kendra to Mekhri Circle.

Straight from Mekhri circle until you reach Yeswantpur circle.(you will pass IISc as you go along).At IIsc gate it is a Y-junction - 

Go Straight and DON't take sharp left which goes towards Malleswaram.

At YPR circle you can follow the road on the up to reach Platform 4,5,6 or take a right to enter yeswanthpur market and then go to the other entrance which leads to Pf 1,2,3.

There is some construction going on so you might need to go around a bit.At this time you will see yeswanthpur Police station on the left.

The downside of this is that you have to pass a crowded market.Otherwise go up the bridge(DON't take left to go to Rajajinagar), continue about 1.5 km further and take the first U-turn to reach the entrance to platform 4-5-6.

This is a more dignified-looking entrance.If you want to reach Pf 1-2-3 then it's a walk over a rather high overbridge.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Web and Travel Sites in India

The great indian economy has opened up and all that.Ok,this is'nt yet another account of the opening up of the economy which you'd have read about a gazillion times. (If you have'nt,please let me know).This has led to a lot of travellers ,or at least people who have the enthusiasm to travel.And they aren't just the software engineers who've earned in a few years what their parents did in their lifetimes.The parents are in the club too (some thanks to fat VRS payouts)
Well,I've found it very easy to book and travel in India thanks to these travel sites,and mind you they're doing great business too..Now this is a welcome change for me,and I did find these great assets..(Again,let me know if you think otherwise,and why)
So here I go (It was actually all my enthusiasm at seeing so many travel websites in India which made me write this blog post) (The pioneer,at least I knew about this guy first) (Strange name - ezeego1 -But he gives great discounts on the airfare - unfortunately not on your (rather high at this time) tax amount).
Don't we see enough sites up for competition with the US?
They've also got nifty toll-free callup facilities which allow you to call in case you don't have internet access..That's what I believe ,these guys do smarter than their US counterparts.
A point which importantly differentiates India and the US is that low-cost airlines in the US do NOT participate in these alliances from websites that all promise "the lowest prices on earth,in middle earth and under lower earth",but the ones in India do.The most important point in this whole here blog post is..If you are an Indian consumer,you win -superbig time.
Have fun, whoever reads this..and wish you a great 2008!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

File extensions. How to find which software runs this file extension?

This is a riddle which is sometimes difficult to crack.
Why does Windoze have file extensions?
Because the designers intended it to..really?
Let's not get into that..That's a windows (actually DOS)design question.
Anyways,You'll find what you're looking for:
The answer to the question that the subject of the post asks..
at a rather cute site called
Here is the query for which I searched.Apparently my Olympus digital cam gives me movies which only Apple QuickTime can play.I thought .mov had something to do with an open file format, honestly!
Well then..Go check out the site.I found the utility of the site rather nice!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vedant celebrates 1 month today - 25 Aug 07

Vedant, my dear son celebrates one month of entering this world Today(25 Aug 2007)